Importer of Memorable Wines from the New Old World of Eastern and Central Europe
Importer of Memorable Wines from the New Old World of Eastern and Central Europe

2018 Tokaj Nobilis Pezsgő Brut

2018 Tokaj Nobilis Pezsgő Brut
Tokaj Nobilis
Tokaj, Hungary (Tok-eye)
100% Furmint
Continental (hot summers & cold winters)
Heavy clay, andesite and rhyolite tuff
First fermentation in a tank, second fermentation in bottle.
6.11 g/l

Notes & Pairings

Sparkling wines are a growing category across the board in Tokaj. You’re never reaching for acidity here, and many sites are adjusting to climate change where botrytis is less and less consistent. There is also of course a faster turn around in the cellar compared to the naturally sweet wines. Sarolta has been tinkering with traditional method wines since 2009, and was among the very first to do everything in house herself. She opted out of taking the aromatic route with grapes like Hárslevelű or Sárgamuskotály, and has instead focused on Furmint. Furmint comes with the risk of having way too much lactic acid if picked too early or waiting too long and having way too much sugar. In addition to the pick date, she’s also very meticulous about destemming and removing all traces of stem. You say pedicel, I say peduncle… In any case, the base wine is never pumped and pressed very light and low. Only free run juice. Fermented in stainless steel, the secondary fermentation landed it at the upper end (11 g/l RS) of the Brut spectrum, but Furmint needs it. This is a great BTG option and tastes like Tokaj first and sparkling wine second.

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