2017 Gere Attila Portugieser

Villány, Hungary

The Southern Hungarian town of Villány has supported highly-organized grape culture since before the Romans. After Ottoman occupation, German settlers were invited to reinvigorate the dwindling population. With them came innovations in grape growing and wine making, and the local Kékoportó (Portugieser) vine. Attila Gere first took interest in Villány wines in 1978 while tasting home-made versions from his father-in-law. Gere became obsessed with the potential of Villány. When the Communist regime was dissolved in the early 90’s, Atilla Gere winery was established. Wine has been a part of Gere family life for at least 7 generations. Atilla’s great-grandmother lived in Villány; her husband was the local cooper. While the Gere production includes benchmark renditions of the local white Olasrizling and red Portugieser, Gere’s heart lies in the exceptional Bordeaux varietal wines and cuvees from top vineyard sites surrounding the mountain of Kopar that have brought international acclaim to Atilla Gere wines and the appellation of Villány.


The warmth of the southerly slopes is enhanced by the hot air from the Mediterranean. However, the soils are rich in geothermic heat-sources and water, which nourishes the vines during the hot, often dry growing season. The appellation can be divided into the districts of Villány proper, and to its west, Siklós. Soils are primarily loess and red clay; along with a ridge of dolomite, and limestone that dramatically defines Villány. Gere farms 50 HA, grape yields are restricted to 1 kilo per plant and new vineyards are planted at high density to encourage plant competition. Gere has always used integrated pest-control and all-natural treatments in the vineyards.


Gere is one of Hungary’s largest premier producers. Still, all fruit is handpicked and hand-sorted again at the winery. Red wines are fermented with wild yeast. Generally, no sulfur is added until after fermentation. Over the years the Gere Winery has grown and modernized but the incorporation of technology has allowed the scale of production to increase without drastically adjusting his wine making principals. The large cellar contains a mélange of oak barrel types, though most are Hungarian, where the premium wines ferment and age under Attila’s sensitive watch.

2017 Gere Attila Portugieser


After fermentation with wild yeast in stainless steel, the wine spent 4 months in 5000 liter barrels to complete malolactic fermentation. An irresistible, fragrant, purple red delight bursting with aromas of wild raspberry and Amarro, Gere Portugieser is nearly devoid of tannin, feather light and takes a chill nicely. Great with stuffed paprika it has the flavor flexibility to pair with something as unexpected as perfumed Indian fare.


PRODUCER: Gere Attila
APPELLATION: Villány (Veal-yan)
GRAPE COMPOSITION: 100% Portugieser (Kékoportó)
CLIMATE: Continental/sub-Mediterranean
SOILS: Loam and clay with a chalk and limestone base
EXPOSURE: Southern
MACERATION & AGING: 100% Stainless Steel fermentation, aged 4 months in large Hungarian Oak Barrels.
ALCOHOL: 12.7%
ACIDITY: 3.86 g/l